Residential Real Estate Consulting: "Making a Difference" on your bottom line

  • Consulting from an “in the trenches” perspective built on experience as an owner and c-suite leader
  • Clear focus on creating ownership equity value
  • Adaptable profit driven solutions that work with changing market dynamics

Ernie Whitehouse is among the most experienced successful leaders in the residential brokerage industry. Through the building and selling of two highly successful brokerage companies, and many years of consulting with other realty firms, he has shown a keen understanding of what it takes to succeed in owning and directing residential realty firms. He also brings a strong sense of the human side of our industry along with sharp instincts for what works operationally.

Steve Murray President, Real Trends

Imagine if you had a personal weather man who was never wrong and could forecast successfully well into the future. Ernie Whitehouse is the personal weather man of real estate.

Loni Graiver

We are so very grateful to you for spending time with our team and company in pursuit of a finer, stronger company. You have a special way of communicating and you have amazing experience.

Robin Mueck Owner, CEO - Heritage Texas Properties

Professional Experience

Strategic planning

Built A Company to the Number One Ranking in the State / #165 Nationally in 5 years

Operations management

Increased Agent Annual Productivity from 7.6 to 11.6 closed sides (53 percent increase)

Mergers and Acquisitions

High level Competency and Experience in Valuation, Deal Structure, Due Diligence, and Closing

About Whitehouse Consulting


Whitehouse Consulting provides Executive Management Consulting Services for Residential Real Estate Brokerage Owners facing strategic challenge, growth opportunities, operational issues, exit strategies or a need to increase business profits and/or productivity.

Over 35 Years of Experience

We have been directly involved in both ownership, executive leadership and consulting within the residential real estate industry for over 35+ years.

Strategic Consultation

We provide sound, effective, strategic consulting services to owners and senior executives.


We understand the dynamic and unique challenges of the independent contractor business model.

The Owner’s Perspective

Our advice is founded from the owner’s perspective. We deliver sound, strategic results that will increase your profits and equity value.

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